Getting Involved/Donating

There’s a lot of ways to help out here at meals on wheels Plumstead:


While volunteering with the organization we are in need of:

Drivers and hoppers (Who jump out of the car and deliver the food to the clients themselves), after some training of course, drive the necessary routes and drop off food to our elderly clients. This would be on either or both Tuesday morning and Thursday morning.

Kitchen and centre helpers:

Volunteers would come to our branch in Plumstead and work either in our kitchen, or office assisting in the day to day running and becoming part of our family! On Monday-Thursday.

Helping as a business or goods and services:

Meals on wheels Plumstead has been the generous beneficiary of several local businesses and professionals giving their time and wares for low-no cost. This spirit of business giving their skill and time to assist in the community often provides us the ability to reach further as an organization and charity.


Our partners over at Capitec often come to our kitchens to help us process large days, they also generously provided us with a state of the art oven, making sure that we can really hit our stride as a professionally equipped kitchen.

Hearts nursery, Stodels, Planter (Ongoing project):

Local business are going to provide seedlings and soil for our vegetable garden in order to help us produce fresh vegetables and herbs for our kitchen. A local landscaper named David Walsh also lent his expertise in designing the space.

Fine Music Radio (FMR):

This organization generously provided us with an on-air advertising space also a section within OPUS magazine. Actions like this help us spread the word within our community of what we’re doing and how individuals and business can help.

Direct fundraising:

We also accept direct Cash donations too. This is in the form of donations to our Back-a-buddy page. Donations here allow us to continue to help the community and often to reach members of communities who struggle to afford the per-meal cost. This also

provides us covering the overheads that are required to run as an organization.

We use all of our cash donations for food for the elderly, it also goes toward the service center and the seniors club and events for them. If you’d like to know more we’re more then happy to walk through the donation process where and who the money is going to!

R 100 000.00
Updated: 7/6/2020 10:55:51 AM