Meals on wheels started in 1964 in a small church kitchen in East London (South Africa). As of 2000 there are 437 Meals on Wheels branches in operation throughout South Africa - these include traditional MOW services, old-age homes, service centers, frail care centres, soup kitchens, feeding schemes and churches. The MOW service is run mostly by voluntary helpers who give their precious free time to prepare, deliver and serve almost two million meals per annum to the struggling elderly in South Africa.


Our team is made up of volunteers and employees all from the Capetown area and community. We work hard throughout the week to help care for seniors and those in need. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that every day our team brings in the skill and passion it takes to run an operation like meals on wheels plumstead. Much of our work starts early on a Monday morning with our team working away in both the kitchen and the office

Kitchen team

Justin our head chef leads our kitchen team. Trained right here in Capetown he moved to Dubai where working in some of the top restaurants he learned how to successfully run and operate a functional safe work environment creating only the best food for our clients. Sadica is the kitchen assistant here where she’s been working solidly at establishments in Capetown since 2013.

Stephanie is our assistant chef her responsibilities cover a wide range of duties often taking over when necessary, she’s been with us since 2011

Administration team

On our administration side we have Stephanie who manages meals on wheels Plumstead who’s been working in administration since 2018. Judith is secretary in charge of the client facing side of meals

on wheels speaking with our seniors making sure everyone is on the same page. We also have Dawn in charge of stock and logistics. 

This team of three operate all the moving parts behind the deliveries, making sure our food is delivered on time to the right people and that we have the resources and man-power to keep the whole operation running. Leona heads up our fundraising department speaking and in contact with local business to help build meals and wheels into a community built place.