About Us

Here at Meals on Wheels Plumstead we prepare and deliver nourishing and nutritious meals to the elderly in the comfort of their own homes in our community. Our service helps take away one of the many burdens facing Senior Citizens today. Improving their quality of life and giving them a sense of connection and support.

We help people from all walks of life which reflects our team’s diversity as well. Though mainly staffed by volunteers we’ve grown to a point where now we have a core team of full time staff and volunteers providing up to 800 meals a week.

Our meals prepared in the Meals on Wheels kitchen in Plumstead and then delivered by our teams twice a week. While on these deliveries our main job is to get our meals into the hands of our clients but they also lend an ear to the lonely, offer guidance and advice wherever this is needed, and refer Senior Citizens to various other services that can make their retirement years more pleasant and more meaningful.

We like to think we can give our clients some of the dignity, belonging and respect that is an essential part of life regardless of age. We care for the generation that once cared for us.

What else do we do?

We also strive to accomplish more with our clients. Here at Meals on Wheels Plumstead we asked ourselves how else can we enrich our client’s lives and experience on a day by day basis. The answer was clear: Community. A part of life that often can go missing for those of us who have had family members move away or pass on.

Twice a week we provide community-based events for both our members and anyone in the community of the age 60+. These events bring our senior’s together and gives them a sense of togetherness.

On the side of these initiatives of this we are also expanding into helping members of our community who are vulnerable regardless of their age. We run feeding schemes with some of our corporate partners feeding upwards of 1000 people a month outside of our normal clients. We encourage you to join us!

Our Services

We strive to create a better life for the elderly in their time of need by spending time and giving them food

  • Meal service
  • Seniors club
  • Crochet class
  • Bible study
  • Chair exercising
  • Sattalites